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  • Kel suu lake

    The mysterious Kel Suu Lake


    Lake Kol-Suu is located in the southern part of the Ak-Sai valley at an altitude of 3.514 meters above sea level, it is a high-mountain lake of glacial origin in the Naryn region, it is located in an unspoiled area, surrounded by sheer cliffs with emerald-colored water.

  • Kochkor Kyrgyzstan

    The original Kochkor


    There is a special place in Kyrgyzstan where snow does not fall. More precisely, it snows, but melts quickly. Therefore, since ancient times, this place was chosen by the khans, for wintering.

  • Kol ukok lake kyrgyzstan

    The rugged beauty of Lake Kol-Ukok


    Lake Kol-Ukok, which means “lake in a chest”, a jailoo and a lake in the area near the village of Kochkor in the Naryn region on the Teskey-Ala-Too ridge.

  • tash rabat kyrgyzstan

    Unique Tash-Rabat


    Tash-Rabat is a caravanserai, a kind of hotel on the ancient Silk Road in the At-Bashinsky district of the Naryn region in Kyrgyzstan. The facility is located on the banks of the meandering Tash-Rabat River, a tributary of the Kara-Koyun River, at an altitude of over 3,500 meters above sea level.

  • Son kol lake kyrgyzstane

    Unusual Son Kul Lake


    Son Kul Lake is located in the northern part of the Naryn region at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters above sea level. The maximum depth of the lake is 22 meters, length 29 km, width 18 km. 150 days a year Son Kul is under a layer of snow and ice and can be reached only in the warm season. The water temperature in summer is minus 3 degrees Celsius, in winter it drops to minus 20.

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