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Places to visit: Bishkek – Karakol – Altyn-Arashan – Jety-Oguz


The highest point during trekking: 3860 m above sea level

The lowest point during trekking: 2300 m above sea level

Complexity level: good physical shape, an opportunity to go on foot in the mountains for 5-6 hours a day.

Insurance: It is strongly recommended that all clients have an insurance policy.


Description of the program:


Day 1: Bishkek

Arrival to Bishkek, transit to hotel. Rest. After small rest a sightseeing tour: Oak Park, Ala-Too  Square, Philharmonic hall, Manas’s Statue, the Victory Square, east market, Osh Bazaar the Historical Museum. Accommodation for the night in hotel.

Board: breakfast/lunch / dinner


Day 2: Bishkek – Karakol

After breakfast a transit to Karakol (400 km) along the northern coast of Lake Issyk Kul.

On the way visit the Burana Tower, a minaret of the ancient city Balasagyn (the XI-XIII centuries). The next stop in Cholpon-Ata where you visit the museum of Petroglyphs, the museum of stone drawings under the open sky, dating from  V BC – VIII AD. Lunch in cafe. Further continuation of trip to Karakol. On arrival to Karakol accommodation in a hotel. That day you will have  dinner with a Uighur family.

Board: breakfast/lunch / dinner


Day 3: Karakol – the  Turgen Ak-Suu Valley- under the  Bozguchuk Pass

After breakfast, at 09:00 transit to the Turgen Ak-Suu Valley for 1-1,5 hours (60 km). Meeting with staff of the pedestrian tour, acquaintance, short discussion of a route. A hike under the  Bozguchuk Pass  5-6 hours (12 km) on the way a stop for a picnic lunch. On the way you will admire the opening of delightful landscapes of majestic mountains. Stay in tents (2950 m). For dinner a hot meal.

Board: breakfast/lunch / dinner


Day 4: transition over the Bozguchuk Pass – the Zhergez Valley

Breakfast and gathering. Hiking over the pass Bozguchuk (3369 m) to the Zhergez Valley for 5-6 hours (14 km). From the pass will open the beautiful view and you will have a fine opportunity to take pictures of surprisingly beautiful landscapes. Picnic lunch. A dinner and stay in tents at the height of 2700 m.

Board: breakfast/lunch / dinner






Day 5: the  Ailanysh Pass- Almaluu’s Valley

akfast and gathering. An incredible  hike to the pass Ailanysh (3671 m) with bewitching beauty to Almaluu Canyon for 7-8 hours (16 km). Picnic lunch. A dinner and stay in tents at the height of 2500 m.

Board: breakfast/lunch / dinner


Day 6:  Altyn-Arashan Canyon

Breakfast, gathering. A wonderful hike through Almaluu’s Pass (3650 m) to the Altyn Arashan Canyon for  6-7 hours (14 km). Altyn Arashan – one of the most beautiful canyons of Kyrgyzstan, which is located at the height of 2700 m.

From Kyrgyz language Altyn Arashan is translated as “A gold water source”. Water in sources of Altyn Arashan has temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius. On to Altyn Arashan you will have an opportunity to take the hot baths for treatment for the human body. Dinner and stay in tents.

Board: breakfast/lunch / dinner


Day 7: under the Ala-Kul Pass

After breakfast having left camp, a fascinating trek under the Ala-Kul Passs(3860 m) 5-6 hours (14 km). For your view will open fantastically beautiful wild nature. Picnic lunch. A dinner and stay in tents (3300 m).

Board: breakfast/lunch / dinner


Day 8: the Ala-Kul Pass- the Sirota Canyon

After breakfast, a hike through the Ala-Kul Pass(3860 m) and descent to the  Sirota canyon for 6-7 hours (15 km). On the way a stop for picnic lunch. A dinner and stay in tents (2700 m).

Board: breakfast/lunch / dinner


Day 9: the  Sirota Canyon- the Karakol Canyou- Chong Tash

After breakfast a 2-3 hour hike from the  Karakol Canyon, to the district Chong Tash  (6 km). On the way a stop for picnic lunch. A dinner and stay in tents (2450 m)

Board: breakfast/lunch / dinner


Day 10: the Karakol Canyon, Chong Tash – Tileti’s Pass – the Tileti Canyon

After breakfast, a hike through Tileti’s Pass (3820 m) to the Tileti Cnyon for 7-8 hours (16 km). On the way a stop for picnic lunch. A dinner and stay in tents (2900 m)

Board: breakfast/lunch / dinner


Day 11: Tileti – Dzhety-Oguz

After breakfast a lovely trek to the  Dzhety-Oguz for 4-5 hours (12 km). On the way a stop for a picnic lunch. A meeting in Dzhety-Oguz with the driver and transfer to Karakol (40 km). A dinner and accommodation in the guest house.

Board: breakfast/lunch / dinner














Day 12: Karakol – Bishkek

After breakfast going to the church and the mosque built without a single nail. Further transfer to Bishkek (400 km) along the southern coast of the Lake Issyk Kul. On the way a stop for visit the canyon “Skazka”, the amazing place where sandy red formations take various fantastic forms. The canyon “Skazka” is the real natural monument. Further a stop in the village Bokonbaevo, a lunch with local family. After lunch show of hunting with a golden eagle. Kyrgyz use golden eagles in hunting already about 10 centuries. In old times the tamed golden eagles helped to survive to the whole settlements: protected herds from wolves, got skins for clothes and meat for food.

Further transfer to Bishkek. Accommodation in hotel. A farewell dinner in cafe.

Board: Breakfast/lunch/dinner


Day 13: Bishkek – the Airport

In the morning transfer to the airport. Departure for home.

Board: breakfast


The Price of tour includes:

  1. Accommodation in hotel – a double room (including early arrival in hotel from the 1st day);
  2. Board: 3 times a day
  3. Transport along a route
  4. English or German speaking guides;
  5. Entrance tickets to the museums and other sights. Fees for video are not included and paid separately;
  6. Kitchen equipment, tents, sleeping pad;
  7. Services of the cook;
  8. Services of the porter (1 porter can bear the client’s freight no more than 10 kg)
  9. The local guide during horse tour


The price of tour doesn’t include:

  1. Additional services in hotel;
  2. A single room in hotel/tent;
  3. Sleeping bag;
  4. Cost of the international air tickets;
  5. The personal insurance and points which aren’t mentioned above.


Additional information:


Climate: in Kyrgyzstan continental climate. Temperatures within summer months can be in range from +20 °C to +40 °C. At height between 3000-4000 m above sea level temperature can be in range from 0 °C to +20 °C. Weather during horse tour can change 3-4 times a day. You can see a rainy, snowy and sunny weather within one day.


Board during a track:

Breakfast: hot porridge, fried eggs or omelet, cheese, honey, bread, cookies, chocolate, jam oil, coffee and tea

Lunch: salad, sandwiches, fruit, coffee and tea

Dinner: soup, second course, cheese, honey, dried fruit, bread, coffee and tea


Tour duration

13 days


End of June – September

You need to bring

warm jacket, a raincoat, 2-3 pairs of woolen socks, impermeable tracking boots, gloves, sunglasses, sunblock cream with high UF-protection, lip balm with UF-protection, sleeping bag for -26 °C to 0 °C