Today in honor of the renewal of our travel company Uniqtours we decided to cook borsok!

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As a rule, in Central Asia, in Kyrgyzstan in particular – not a single event or feast is without them. It is a traditional “decoration” for the table since baorsoks are put on the table during every major feast. For example, among Turkmens they are called pishme and have a diamond shape, among Turks it is called lokma, among Kazakhs – bauirsak, among Uzbeks – bugyrsak. Most often boorsok is prepared square or diamond-shaped, from large to super-small. This suggests that borsok is rightfully considered one of the most common and delicious dishes on the hospitality table.

And what is this dish you might ask! It’s an incredible delicacy – deep-fried pieces of yeast dough that, when fried, inflate and become cushion-like, the texture is light and tender, as if the dough had been inflated with air and happiness. And when they are served with hot and cold with kaimak (sour cream), mmmmmmm, it’s impossible to resist!

When in Kyrgyzstan you will by all means try them because all of the dear guests are served baorsoki! They serve baorsoki with tea, before the meal, with kymyz, appetizers, soup, etc.

The ingredients for boorsok are not complicated: flour, yeast, sour cream, salt and sugar. You make the dough, roll it out and then fry the pieces of dough in oil for 20-30 seconds, then pour it from the cauldron into a sieve or colander to remove the oil.

The apparent simplicity is offset by the fact that, in order to make the borsok delicious and fluffy, the dough should be made with heart, and then the delicacy will turn out unearthly!

Try to make borsok at home and if you fail, come to Kyrgyzstan, and we will cook borsok together with you and make that (feast)!

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